Published on March 25, 2021

Access to Social Protection Joint Programme in the Republic of Congo

To encourage membership and support, the SDG programme visited almost 200 administrative districts and met with their community leaders, including sub-prefect authority figures, police and security force chiefs, and other thought leaders. A total of 170 community leaders made a commitment to support its implementation.


Photo WHO Congo - February 24, 2020: Program Launch in Sibiti. From left to right: Ms. Micheline Nguessemi, Prefect of the Lékoumou Department; Ms. Antoinette Dinga-Dzondo, Minister of Social Affairs and Humanitarian Action; Ms. Micaela Marques De Souza, UNICEF Representative. 


Project Management 

To facilitate the integrated implementation of the project, we created: 

  • A steering committee
  • A 2020 roadmap explaining the implementation of activities
  • A multisectoral coordination committee chaired by Madam le Préfet
  • A weekly multi-sectoral meeting is held with the technical coordinator and the departmental director of social affairs


Field Monitoring

In order to ensure proper field implementation, visits are organized monthly from health districts to health centers. Departmental directorates to health districts are held quarterly, as they are often located in rural locations. The program is designed to improve the access of indigenous populations to social protection and support the government's platform of ensuring social protection for all citizens, with particular emphasis on the extension of social protection systems in rural districts. The program benefits from funding of one billion CFA francs for two years from the Joint SDG Fund. The recipient agencies of these resources are WFP, UNICEF and WHO.