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Published on July 20, 2020


Column of Hugo Guiñez, President of the National Association of Older Adults (ANAM).

In the modern world, Information has been established in societies as an indispensable element for achieving objectives, since through its use countless activities are carried out by human beings to preserve their survival in time and space.

The use of Information Technologies is elementary, as it allows very significant advances to be made, such as reducing distances, saving time, space and money. It also allows sharing emotions and news, giving those who use them various feelings of pleasure or well-being at various times. Since the use is very varied, the information contains content of various kinds, and can be positive or negative.

The Elderly People have had to bear strong impacts that come from their surroundings, and that are informed or transmitted by their peers through technological elements. It is imperative that the elderly incorporate new technologies, in order to interrelate with other people. Failure to do so results in backwardness, loneliness, ignorance of reality and leads to a less happy life. Human beings were born to be grouped, starting with the family, for example, giving affection, company and receiving care, concern and love.

We have suffered the attack of a pandemic for more than 100 days, caused by the coronavirus, which has brought sadness, fear, worry and death as a consequence.

We were living a dizzying life, usually in search of the material, money was the main protagonist and the main concern. Suddenly, without warning the virus attack occurred. No one was prepared to face it and today we find ourselves scared, worried and unaware that any of us can be victims of their insatiable appetite.

Faced with this urgent situation that brings political, economic and social damage to the countries, its consequences are unpredictable and will be seen in the days to come.

As soon as this scourge that left a lot of damage disappears, we will have to focus on carrying out a physical and mental reconstruction, in which each of us will have to put our best effort to leave as quickly as possible, trying to return to normality, taking advantage of the bad experience, correcting past mistakes and assuming a healthy coexistence where good values ​​and principles of peace, fraternity and solidarity prevail. Recovering love for nature and seriously caring for the environment and eradicating pollution to have a country without violence, without poverty and enjoying greater social welfare.

Our National Association of Adults of Older Adults of Chile, ANAM Chile, was born in Chillán, on August 19, 2012. Eight years later it has us in the most diverse levels of the country, because we have carried out an arduous work of visibility, reaching La Moneda, Congress and international organizations such as ECLAC and UN Chile.


The objectives proposed since its inception are:

  1. Request the creation of the Ministry of the Elderly, greater resources, enter the decision-making power in public policies, higher social structure level
  2. Promulgation of an exclusive Comprehensive Law that really protects the Elderly.
  3. Seek the Unity of all the Elderly of Chile, in a single national organization that represents all the elderly, but that each association maintains its individuality and independence in its actions, preserving its original legal formation and foundation.


We are also present in Civil Society, we belong to the National Citizen Council of the Elderly of Chile, We are part of the Senama National Advisory Council and a Cosoc member of the INP Chillán.

Currently we have Projects Awarded with Corfo and awaiting the Project to the Ministry of Social Development and regional funds. But due to the arrival of COVID-19, we are rushing to carry out Zoom training courses, to assist and accompany lonely and dependent people in their homes and nursing homes, in the confinement forced by the circumstances and the current permanence of the pandemic, trying to face it. in the best way.

"The use of Information Technologies is elementary, for that reason it allows very significant advances to be made, such as reducing distances, saving time, space and money." -  Hugo Guiñez, President ANAM Chile



NODO is an initiative of the United Nations System in Chile, in whose design and implementation the Office of the Resident Coordinator, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) participate. and the International Labor Organization (ILO).This program focuses on developing support networks for older people, and was selected by the Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG Fund).

Originally published on NODO PROJECT