Published on June 20, 2021


MASKED the documentary, highlights the results of the “Voices of Saint Lucian Women: A Study of the Impact of COVID-19 on Frontline Workers, Small Entrepreneurs, Pre-School Teachers and Hospitality Workers”. The women featured are on the frontline. They are small entrepreneurs in early childhood education; hospitality and agriculture - sharing their personal stories of the immediate and longer-term impact of COVID-19 which has resulted, in some cases, in them losing their jobs.

UN Women Programme Specialist-Economic Empowerment & Statistics, Isiuwa Iyahen explains that before the pandemic hit, 57% of hospitality workers were women and 43% men. However, in the documentary, the women also recount how they were able to maintain livelihoods and how some of them were able to pivot to re-establish an income stream. The documentary is a part of the project UN Women is undertaking with the Ministry of Equity and Social Justice in St. Lucia under the SDG-Funded Joint Programme on Universal Adaptive Social Protection which is being implemented by UN Women, WFP, UNICEF, UNDP and ILO. (23 minutes).