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Credits Photo: Ministry of Education and Science, Mongolia
Published on June 22, 2021

Ministry of Education and Science implements result-based budgeting to further reforms in the education sector

Aligning budgets with the development priorities and the SDGs, i.e. the implementation of the results-based budgeting is a vital component to channel the available financial resources to the policy priorities and increase the efficiency of the state budgets, hence enabling Mongolia to meet its national SDGs targets.

Today, Ministry of Education and Science organised a consultation workshop on results-based planning and budgeting, with support of the UN Joint Programme (JP) on SDG financing. Mr. L. Enkh-Amgalan, Minister for Education and Science opened the workshop and highlighted the importance of budgetary reforms for improving the quality of education.

The results-based budgeting has been initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science since 2018, starting with the education sector expenditure review, followed by a pilot of results-based budgeting for education sector programmes, such as pre-school education, primary and secondary education, and life-long education.

During the workshop, Ms B.Zayadelger, education sector budget consultant, presented the suggestions and recommendations on renewing the budget Key Performance Indicators, improving planning of physical teaching environment, and aligning the capital expenditures with pedagogical requirements for the formulation of 2022 budget. Aligning capital expenditures with the educational targets and results is one of the major components of piloting the results-based budgeting in the education sector.

The results-based budgeting will therefore be instrumental for Mongolia for aligning the budgets with the development results and increasing the budget efficiency, hence enabling the achievement of the SDGs.


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