Published on November 28, 2022

Regional Talks on asset recovery derived from corruption

Mexico’s Joint Programme on “Sustainable Financing” conducted a series of virtual dialogues on the recovery of assets derived from corruption. The dialogues served to bridge Mexican Superior Courts of Justice and the Anti-corruption Attorneys, with public officers from different countries across the Latin American region.



The dialogues were facilitated by experts and key public officers from the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation of the Republic of Peru, the Attorney General's Office of the Republic of Brazil, the Public Ethics Office of the Republic of Costa Rica, and State Attorney General's Office of the Republic of Ecuador.

During the encounters, experiences regarding asset recovery were identified on national and international levels. Among them highlight the localization, tracking, seizure, and return of assets hidden abroad, quantification of social damages resulting from corruption, as well as various analysis of emblematic cases in the recovery of assets coming from corruption. 

This initiative contributes to the strengthening of national anti-corruption systems, moreover such exercises contribute to a stronger international cooperation to combat corruption and the exchange of good practices in the region. Asset recovery is a key element to the successful safeguarding of national finances and a relevant source to fund sustainable development activities.