Published on July 28, 2020

Testimonies from the indigenous community in Sibiti

Congo Brazz


My name is NKAYA Marie, a single mother with one beautiful child. Currently, I work for someone however, my dream is to one day own my own land to earn more of a living. 

Since the NDLR School Feeding programme started, I became very reassured that it can provide nutritious meals to my family. My child eats a meal at school and when she comes home, she is not hungry whereas before she cried and refused to go to school. This program keeps my daughter form crying out of hunger after school and makes her want to attend classes.

This feeding programme is apart of the new joint programme the UN has established. I would like this program to widen by offering clothing to the community. My child and I sleep on the ground and our clothes get damaged very quickly.



Congo Brazz1


My name is Mpembe Sandrine, I am 7 years old, I am in class of CP1 (class 1) at MONGO school of SIBITI. I don't know what social protection is, but I can say that at school I am very happy with the program because it allows me to be hardworking in school.

Last year I could not finish the year because the school is located far away from my home. I returned home hungry and I had to wait for mom to come back from working in the field in the evening in hopes to eat at 7:30pm. The distance separated me from school and hunger. 

Thanks to the school canteen program (accompanying activity of the Joint SDG Fund), I was able to finish the 02 semesters without a problem and I am sure to end the year without constraint.