Credits ©FAO/Adek Berry
Published on September 22, 2020

Update: Indonesia's Adaptive Social Protection

Indonesia’s Joint Programme (JP) seeks to facilitate adaptive (shock-responsive) social protection by ensuring that systems are more responsive to disasters related to climate, the economy and public health. The resilience of vulnerable individuals and communities will be enhanced by providing faster, more predictable, effective and accountable cash and voucher assistance before and/or after disasters. Innovative financial solutions for social protection will be introduced, while a rights-based, gender-sensitive focus will be promoted to protecting individuals and households deemed especially at risk.


The JP has been very active over the first six months. Mechanisms have been introduced to bring together all stakeholders so as to improve policy cohesion and support integration of the social protection system at the government level. Feedback mechanisms have been set-up to empower non-governmental organizations in the monitoring of programme service delivery. Partners have been assembled to advance a methodological approach to disaster management and climate change by improving the use of early warning systems and risk monitoring tools. The buy-in of line ministries on innovative financing has been secured; an analytical study is in development to provide options for financing schemes that bring additional capital into social protection.


The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the challenges associated with social protection coverage in Indonesia, and the JP has repurposed up to 20% of funding to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the most vulnerable. A multi-agency mechanism was established to coordinate social protection activities of the COVID-19 Multi-Partner Trust Fund and Joint SDG Fund. On balance, despite the global health situation over the first semester, the Joint Programme in Indonesia has been steadfast in its efforts to facilitate “Adaptive Social Protection for All” and “Leave No One Behind”.