Credits Elides Rivera Navas, cantón de Buenos Aires
Published on March 9, 2021

Women's Economic Autonomy for Just and Inclusive Societies

The Joint Program, "Strengthening of the National Social Protection Strategy Puente al Desarrollo to Break the Cycle of Poverty at the Local Level with a Gender and Environmental Perspective" integrates the efforts of the Joint SDG Fund, United Nations Costa Rica and the Government of Costa Rica, in order to break the cycle of poverty at the local level and promote the economic autonomy of women through nature-based solutions, with an intersectional gender approach.

With the participation of UNDP, FAO, ILO, UN Women, IMAS, MAG, INAMU and MTSS, the Joint Program develops coordinated actions in the cantons of Buenos Aires, Limón and Puntarenas, to create conditions for the strengthening of the economic autonomy of the women, as a means to build more just and inclusive societies.

Stories of women entrepreneurs, Berlín Maradiaga Soto, Darnell Sambola Zenón and Elides Rivera Navas.


Meet Belin, an entrepreneur, who began a campaign to formalize food vendors in Puntarenas.



Meet Darnell Sambola Zenón, an Afro-descendant and entrepreneur from the canton of Limón.


Meet Elides, an indigenous women and entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, receiving training from United Nations Costa Rica and the Government of Costa Rica.