Crédits Mauritania, 2020: After months of school closures due to measures put in place to stem the spread of COVID-19 | © UNICEF/UNI371418/Pouget
Publié sur septembre 23, 2020

Update: Integrated Social Protection Model in the Region of Guidimakha, Mauritania

Mauritania’s Joint Programme (JP) strives to improve the articulation between contributory and non-contributory social protection programmes, as well as strengthen the national social protection system by addressing critical missing pieces. A gender-responsive pilot is being launched in Guidimakha to develop a coherent integrated regional model of existing social protection programmes, and ultimately facilitate social protection dialogue across the country.


Over the JP’s first six months, a strong foundation has been laid. A Concept Note and Terms of Reference (ToR) for a study which will inform the expansion of health care access and social insurance in Guidimakha have been drafted. Work has also begun on drafting ToRs for analyses regarding the development of an integrated model of social nets to be piloted in Guidimakha, as well as to assess the adequacy of the current Social Registry databases. The delivery of safety nets programmes has been supported and access to basic social services and infrastructure (for health, nutrition, water and sanitation) promoted in Guidimakha.

The Mauritania JP has repurposed up to 20% of funding to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the most vulnerable. With this flexibility, technical assistance on distance learning was provided to educational authorities. The scalability and fitness of the tools and intervention modalities of the national shock-responsive safety nets system were tested. A pilot experiment was conducted to extend health insurance coverage to 300 poor people living with disabilities in the Guidimakha region, the results of which may be used to inform the rollout of the scheme nation-wide. Despite the global health crisis, implementation in Mauritania has proceeded apace throughout the first semester.