Inclusive Healthy Societies

A time to act - Season One Episode 06

Crédits UNDP Belarus | Sergei Gapon
Publié sur décembre 18, 2020

Joint SDG Fund Head of Secretariat Lisa Kurbiel interviews Dr. Yun on the parallels of investing in people’s health and sustainable development. Indeed, investing in root causes of crises and instability is not only the logical way forward, it is also good business. Keeping people healthy is the most sustainable model for health care systems, leading to investing in health through grants and funds. Ensuring people have access to quality care leads to more inclusive and healthy societies, and by including all of society in investment decisions, we can create a new systems and institutions that are inclusive of all people. The Joint SDG Fund aims to bring the UN system into the impact investment space, connecting with investors, funds and philanthropists to mobilize financing to accelerate the SDGs.



Dr. Joon Yun, President and Managing Partner of Palo Alto Investors LP

Moderated by Lisa Kurbiel, Head of Secretariat, Joint SDG Fund


The Panelist

Joon Yun

Dr. Joon Yun

President and Managing Partner of Palo Alto Investors LP

President and Managing Partner of Palo Alto Investors LP, a healthcare hedge fund founded in 1989. Board certified in radiology, Joon served on the clinical faculty at Stanford from 2000-2006. Joon has served on numerous boards, and he is currently a trustee of the Salk Institute. Joon has published dozens of patents and scientific articles. Joon and his wife Kimberly launched the $1 million Palo Alto Longevity Prize in 2013 to reverse the aging process and recently donated $2 million to launch the National Academy of Medicine Aging and Longevity Grand Challenge. Fun fact: Joon has been going to Burning Man consecutively for the past 18 years.