Season One Episode 06 - December 18, 2020
Inclusive Healthy Societies

Joint SDG Fund Head of Secretariat Lisa Kurbiel interviews Dr. Yun on the parallels of investing in people’s health and sustainable development.

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Season One Episode 05 - December 4, 2020
Women’s Economic Empowerment

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth.

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Season One Episode 04 - November 23, 2020
Fostering a Sustainable Blue Economy

Oceans and seas generate a GDP equivalent to the world’s seventh largest economy, however even providing countless benefits and generating at least US$2.5 trillion a year the oceans and seas’ are under a major threat.

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Season One Episode 03 - October 18, 2020
A Green Gabon
Gabon is taking a leading role in the fight against climate change at the continental and international level.
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Season One Episode 02 - October 7, 2020
Investing in the SDGs: From Rhetoric to Reality

World leaders have made ambitious commitments to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet, securing enough resources remains a major challenge, with developing countries facing a gap estimated between US$ 2.5 to 3 trillion per year.

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Season One Episode 01 - September 21, 2020
Catalysing Strategic Investments
The Call on SDG Financing Component 2: Catalysing Strategic Investments identifies the highest potential proposals for investment.
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