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Better Statistics via SDG Data

The SDGs in Trinidad and Tobago (TTO) have no disaggregated data for 66% of their indicators. This is a significant challenge to SDG-related policy making, programming and resourcing; as well as to identifying, monitoring and rendering assistance to those at risk of being left behind (including women and girls), who are insufficiently considered in the collection of national statistics. The proposed programme will address this discrepancy by enhancing disaggregated data development for the SDGs in a way that also modernises and empowers the national statistical system (NSS). The programme will also accomplish multisectoral impact by forging strategic partnerships among data producers and users (including the private sector) that facilitate collective action, investment and efficiencies; and with harmonised standards and processes that allow statistics to be disaggregated and comparable between sources, and the cost-effective integration of underused and innovative sources.


The programme supports implementation of TTO’s National Development Strategy, which includes the creation of a comprehensive, coordinated NSS that delivers quality, user-oriented, and timely economic, social and environmental statistics; as well as supporting the UN Development Assistance Framework in the Caribbean, which compels the UNCT to support the Government by providing, convening, and coordinating coalitions for the quality, disaggregated data and statistics needed to accelerate SDG implementation. 

Quick facts

Total budget:
US $721,400

Total Funding:
US $721,400

UN Agencies:


National Partners:

Ministry of Planning and Development, Central Statistical Office, and the Office of the Prime Minister

January, 2022 to December, 2023 (24 months)