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SDG Finance - Enabling Environment

Improving the allocation of risks and resources in Mexico for sustainable development

Total funding allocated
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 999998
Co-funding by UN agencies
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 588416

Brief Description

The Joint Programme will contribute to leverage the amount of public and private resources allocated for sustainable development, focusing on increasing the financial system’s resilience to the most pressing social and environmental risks; by the identification of the financial gaps; the formulation of strategies and tools to integrate emerging risk categories into macro and micro prudential risk assessments and into the governance of the central bank and financial regulators; and by consolidating institutional capacities for asset recovery and reintegration.


The programme will strengthen the governance of the Mexican financial system for sustainable development, through a three-pronged strategy. The first stage will be to identify resource gaps by mapping the financial and non-financial resources to implement the SDGs at the national level, develop policies, regulations and tools to strengthen the financial system resilience to environmental and climate risks, support the relevant national authorities in reinforcing the legal and institutional framework and capacities to identify, recover and integrate assets resulting from corruption and crimes that derive or link from it, in the country’s sustainable development priorities.

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Total budget:
US $ 1,588,414

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Ministry of Finance and Public Credit

Jan 2021 - Dec 2022

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