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Small Island Developing States Leave No One Behind Integrated Policy

Utilising digitalization to accelerate the achievement of SDGs in the Cook Islands

The FAO, UNICEF, and UNDP joint program aims to strengthen Cook Islands’ capabilities to use digitalization to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. The programme will therefore draw on the development and implementation of a multisectoral national digital strategy to improve (1) agriculture productivity and the local agri-food system value chains, (2) disaster resilience and food security, and (3) nutrition. The joint program will deliver the following interlinked results: A rights-based national digital transformation strategy and digital finance tools developed and implemented resulting in increased connectivity, access to information, and better opportunities for participation of women, children, youth and persons with disabilities in the digital economy by 2024; Improved income, disaster resilience capacity and nutrition for the population specifically women and children by 2024; Improved agri-food systems value chain, for improved food security, decent jobs and better nutrition for the population, particularly for women and children by 2024; improved knowledge, equal access to IT and information for nutrition, education and disaster resilience. These activities will contribute to an increase in the consumption of healthy and diversified diets and contribute to reducing the prevalence of diet-related diseases.


The Joint Program (JP) will develop a National multi-sectoral digital strategy (SDG Target 9.c) in order to innovatively catalyse the agri-food systems value chain through climate change resilient farming, food value-added processing and access to markets. The JP will adapt and create digital tools that allow farmers to access equitable technologies and information such as real-time extension advisories for pest and disease control, market prices, weather alert systems, etc. Digital tools will also be applied for improved food processing and nutrition education for the population that has access to the Internet.

Direct Influence

Women, Children, Girls, Youth, Persons with disabilities, Rural workers, Other groups: Persons with obesity, overweight and NCDs, including anaemia. Indirect Influence: Older persons, Indigenous peoples.

Quick facts

Allocated by Joint SDG Fund:
US $ 566,400

US $ 400,000

Total budget:
US $ 966,400

Total Funding:
US $ 4000

UN Agencies:


National Partners:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration; Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Health (Te Marae Ora); Ministry of Education; National Environment Service; Ministry of Internal Affairs; Office of the Prime Minister.

7/1/22 - 6/30/24 (24 months)