SDG Financing – Catalytic Investments

sdh invest

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set with the ambition to create a just, equitable and sustainable future by 2030. They were designed not only for Government action, but also to work together with businesses and the financial sector at scale in building resilient and sustainable societies.

The UN is committed to co-create new social impact driven markets and asset classes to untap new market opportunities, estimated to be some US$12 trillion, aligned with the achievement of the SDGs. SDG Invest – the operationalization of the 2nd Component of the Joint SDG Fund (the Fund) Call on Catalytic Investments – tested new ways of working, developing bold proposals that will assist in mobilizing much needed resources for the SDGs in 2020. SDG Invest is the UN platform that hosts and supports these innovative proposals. As a proof of concept window, the Fund invested less than US$4 million to operationalize blended financing concepts, which aimed to mobilize $ billions. In the spirit of the UN reform, the Fund also invested in proposals that strengthened the capacities of the UN system and national partners. The Fund’s pipeline of investments aims to achieve coherence of action and financial leverage at scale for the SDGs.