Créditos Photo credit: UNRCO, February 2020, Zavkhan aimag, Mongolia
Publicado en Abril 15, 2020

Extending Social Protection to Herders with enhanced Shock Responsiveness, Mongolia 

Ms Munkhjargal, a mother of four raising children ages of a 10 month old to 2 years old, 14 years old and 15 years old where neither, her or her husband have social insurance. The family of six live in Tsetsuukh bagh of Ikh –Uul Soum, Zavkhan aimag, Mongolia and would benefit from a financial assistance programme.

“My youngest two children received a child grant from the Child Money Programme in December 2019, in the amount of MNT80,000 (USD$ 28.74). This is MNT40,000 (USD$ 14.37) for each child, which I used to buy winter pants, shoes and multivitamins to support their growth”, says Ms. Munkhjargal

The early-action child money assistance was delivered to 2,729 children with 0-5 years of age, in four soums Ikh-Uul, Tosontsengel, Bayantes and Tes soums of Zavkhan aimag using the current system of Child Money Programme to prevent long-lasting negative impacts of climate related shocks. The existing system delivers the support in the most effective and cost-efficient way responding to the early needs of herder families.

The pilot will continue and expand under the upcoming UN Joint SDG Fund Programme on Extending Social Protection to Herders with enhanced Shock Responsiveness from 2020-2021. This focuses on improving livelihood of herders by improving business skills through cooperatives, increasing social insurance coverage and becoming more resilient to natural disasters such as dzud.