UN Women

Publicado en Enero 28, 2021

UN Women Empowers 25 Single Mothers in Saint Lucia during the COVID- 19 Pandemic

COVID-19, like a thief in the night has robbed society of all semblance of normalcy and left in its trail, a severely weakened global economy, with devastating repercussions for all persons, irrespective of gender, age, race, or social status. One of the groups most acutely affected by the ongoing pandemic is Single Mothers, particularly those who were already affected by poverty and other forms of vulnerability prior to the pandemic.

Publicado en Diciembre 18, 2020

Being domestic workers is a job, it is our right and we must exercise it

“It must be understood why it is important to give Social Security to domestic workers. It’s not a matter of whether it is wanted or not, it is a right and we must exercise it, it took a lot of work to achieve it. We saw it 5 years ago. It was almost impossible because at the meetings, we were told that there were no conditions for them to give us social security, and for it to have been achieved is a great advance for Mexico.