A Time
To Act

A Multimedia Series on Financing the 2030 Agenda

To usher in a new era of transformative change for a more sustainable, equitable and greener world, public and private capital needs to reach people, geographies and economies that need them the most. Both governments and financial markets have begun to demand a stronger integration of the SDGs in public and private investment decisions.

With a launch of a historical $US80 million grant to close the SDG financing gap which is considered the largest systemic UN led initiative on SDG financing in its history. The Joint SDG Fund is convening governments, civil society, private sector and others to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Season two

Season Two Episode 01 - February 1, 2021
Family Offices & the SDGs

In our first episode of 2021, with Sergio Fernández de Córdova, Chairman PVBLIC Foundation, and Robert Lawrence Skinner, Executive Director, UN Office for Partnerships highlight the intrinsic motivations of legacy

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Season Two Episode 02 - February 17, 2021
Green Bonds

Green Bonds with Sean Kidney, CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative. The episode explores the role of a ‘Green Bond’ government bond to capitalise on growing investor in

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Season Two Episode 03 - March 8, 2021
Tea Garden Workers in Bangladesh

A part of International Women's Day, our Joint Programme in Bangladesh focuses on female tea garden workers and their families in Sylhet Division, one of the most left behind population groups of the country, will enjoy strengthened and more coord

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Season Two Episode 04 - April 8, 2021
Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership with Graham Macmillan, President of Visa Foundation, and Najada Kumbuli, Head of Investments at Visa Foundation.

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Season Two Episode 05 - May 20, 2021
The Business of Climate Change

The Business of Climate Change with Vivek Pathak, IFC Director, Global Head Climate Business explores practical, profitabl

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Season Two Episode 06 - June 7, 2021
Recognizing Mental Health in the SDGs

Supporting Mental Health Awareness month, Luz Kyncl LCSW, CHC, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Health Coach, Public Speaker

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Season Two Episode 07 - July 6, 2021
Oceans Health and Wealth

Oceans Health and Wealth with Casey Clark, CFA, Global Head of ESG Investments and Portfolio Manager at Rockefeller Asset Management and Marisa Drew, Chief Sustainability Officer and Global Head Sustai

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Season Two Episode 08 - July 14, 2021
The Gender Investment Gap

To achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, Henriette Kolb, Manager of Gender and Economic Inclusion Group, Internatio

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Season Two Episode 09 - July 25, 2021
Cash Transfer System in Malawi

Special on Social Protection: Malawi's Joint Programme aims to support the Government of Malawi to adapt the national social protection system to meet emergency food needs and reduce the vulnerability of those most at risk of food insecurity by 20

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Season Two Episode 10 - November 9, 2021
Climate Change and the Road to Glasgow

The world is moving towards a low carbon future and Svein Tveitdal, former UN Environmental director, climate consultant and activist who has dedicated his life to educating the

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Season one

Season One Episode 01 - September 21, 2020
Catalysing Strategic Investments
The Call on SDG Financing Component 2: Catalysing Strategic Investments identifies the highest potential proposals for investment.
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Season One Episode 02 - October 7, 2020
Investing in the SDGs: From Rhetoric to Reality

World leaders have made ambitious commitments to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet, securing enough resources remains a major challenge, with developing countries facing a gap estimated between US$ 2.5 to 3 trillion per year.

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Season One Episode 03 - October 18, 2020
A Green Gabon
Gabon is taking a leading role in the fight against climate change at the continental and international level.
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Season One Episode 04 - November 23, 2020
Fostering a Sustainable Blue Economy

Oceans and seas generate a GDP equivalent to the world’s seventh largest economy, however even providing countless benefits and generating at least US$2.5 trillion a year the oceans and seas’ are under a major threat.

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Season One Episode 05 - December 4, 2020
Women’s Economic Empowerment

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth.

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Season One Episode 06 - December 18, 2020
Inclusive Healthy Societies

Joint SDG Fund Head of Secretariat Lisa Kurbiel interviews Dr. Yun on the parallels of investing in people’s health and sustainable development.

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