How We Work

Selected proposals will lead to the implementation of transformative Joint Programmes (JPs), under the leadership of Resident Coordinators (RCs). In doing so the Fund is committed to forge paths and partnerships that unlock public and private capital for the SDGs at scale.

The Joint SDG Fund focuses
on three broad areas

Identify and activate SDG policy tools

The joint SDG Fund will support UNCTs in the identification of policy levers, through an integrated and cross-sectorial approach, that will unleash rapid progress across different goals and targets, based on data, assessments and analysis carried out by national and international partners.

Reinforce the SDG financing architecture and ecosystem

The Joint SDG Fund will support the development of financing strategies required for scaled up SDG investment. This work will include: (i) strengthening the capacities of the national and sub-national SDG financing architecture; and (ii) the production of multi-stakeholder financing strategies with the aim of dramatically increasing the scale and improving the focus of SDG investments.

Catalyze strategic programming and investments

The Joint SDG Fund will support UNCTs in investing in key initiatives that leverage public and private financing in order to advance the SDGs. These initiatives will provide a demonstration of concept and will be scalable both in country and elsewhere.


Integrated Social Protection, Leave No One Behind

The Fund launched its first call for concept notes in March 2019 to support SDG acceleration policy focusing on social protection, particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized – children, adolescents, people living with disabilities, minorities, and the elderly. A total of 114 Resident Coordinators applied to the Fund’s first call, signaling great interest from across the UN development system and governments. A rigorous technical review process conducted by both UN and external independent social protection experts led to the selection of 35 country proposals.

The initial proposals developed into full-fledged 35 joint programmes were approved, channeling US$72 million for 2020-2022 into this portfolio. The implementation involves 633 partners from governments, civil society, private sector, and international organizations. All joint programmes will deliver results at scale by 31 January 2022, while improving coherence of UN Country Teams and facilitating acceleration of SDG progress.

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Find out more about the call in this document (PDF 1.1 MB).

SDG Financing

In December 2019 the Fund announced a Call for Proposals for US$100 million under the theme of "SDG Financing" to reinforce the SDG financing architecture in developing countries and catalyze strategic investments that leverage public and private financing in order to advance the SDGs. The call is guided by the Secretary-General’s Strategy and Roadmap for Financing the 2030 Agenda and is framed around two intertwined components. The first component aims to create the enabling conditions, everywhere possible, for increased and better-quality financing for the SDGs. The second component is about investing in key initiatives that leverage public and private financing in order to advance the SDGs.


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Where we work

Joint SDG Fund supports countries in accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by integrating economic, social and environmental policies and applying multi-dimensional and cross-sectoral approach to complex social challenges.