Youth Corner
Published on January 19, 2024

My Journey as a UN Volunteer with the Joint SDG Fund

Born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya my journey into the world of sustainable development began with a deep-seated desire to utilize my skills for societal good. In high school, I found myself drawn to the world of diplomacy and global affairs. Joining the Model United Nations (MUN) society opened my eyes to the world of international relations and the power of collaborative problem-solving. As a young delegate in the MUN conferences, I remember passionately discussing global issues, drafting resolutions, and engaging in spirited debates with fellow students. It was during those intense sessions that the seed of my commitment to creating positive change was planted. The realization that young voices could influence global discourse left an indelible mark on my aspirations.

Transitioning to university, I pursued a bachelor's degree in financial economics at Strathmore University. The lessons gleaned from my time in the MUN society solidified my belief that informed, collaborative efforts have the potential to drive tangible change. This conviction steered me toward a newfound purpose — to utilize my skills for the betterment of society on a broader scale. In November 2022, I joined the United Nations Volunteer program, marking a pivotal moment in my life. As a UN Volunteer in the Joint SDG Fund, I assumed the role of Monitoring and Reporting Officer. This marked the turning point in my journey toward making a positive impact on society.

This experience enlightened the path for me, highlighting how my expertise could directly benefit society. The philosophy of leaving no one behind which is rooted in the Joint SDG Fund drives me to contribute to initiatives that bring about tangible and lasting change. My journey with the Joint SDG Fund has been immensely rewarding, thanks to a supportive team that values my passion, skills, and positive outlook. Engaging in impactful tasks within projects aimed at fostering positive change both within my country and the world has been a source of inspiration and fulfillment. Working as a Monitoring and Reporting Officer has been a profound learning experience. It emphasized the critical role of data-driven decision-making in driving sustainable change. The importance of flexibility, adaptability, and the human-centric approach in monitoring development initiatives has left an indelible mark on my professional life.

Witnessing the tangible impact of our efforts on the ground, such as with the Kenya Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme ( Kenya Launches a Groundbreaking US$ 10.1 million Development Impact Bond | Joint SDG Fund) under the Fund’s Catalytic Investments where I had the opportunity to see visit and engage with the local community benefit from our collective initiatives, has been the ultimate reward. I vividly remember the day we visited the local community in remote Nairobi, witnessing firsthand the adolescents' empowerment using Triggerise's Tiko platform, a mobile-based digital platform that connects adolescents to nearby public and private facilities offering free services. Seeing their enthusiasm and increased awareness was a testament to the direct impact of our initiatives. The experience of seeing our collective efforts materialize into a transformative project is etched in my memory.

Kenya JP

In the realm of sustainable development, monitoring serves as our guiding compass. My role extended beyond mere number-crunching; it involved capturing the narratives of change and witnessing firsthand the impact within communities. Within this mission, my responsibilities spanned from strengthening monitoring and evaluation systems to shaping comprehensive reports that encapsulated our achievements. Collaborating closely with the programming team, I have crafted narratives that resonated with our endeavors and communicated successes through various channels. Crafting reports and interactive dashboards using Power BI was pivotal, allowing stakeholders instant access to real-time updates. This has streamlined decision-making, empowering stakeholders with accessible, insightful data. The ability to translate data into understandable insights empowered decision-makers and facilitated informed choices. One of the most rewarding aspects was crafting communication materials that highlighted success stories. These pieces, like the "Development Emergency Modality Dashboard: Visualizing the progress made against the Global Cost-of-Living Crisis | Joint SDG Fund, and “ Unlocking public and private financing for the SDGs: Joint SDG Fund’s financial leverage 2020-2022 | Joint SDG Fund" offered insights into our achievements and the lessons learned along the way.

Embracing the essence of volunteerism, I engaged with local communities, advocating for volunteer action, and supporting initiatives such as the Kenya Youth Connect Summit. This journey has been more than a professional endeavor—it has transformed me. 

My journey as a UN Volunteer with the Joint SDG Fund has been a remarkable chapter in my life. The opportunity to contribute meaningfully to global initiatives aimed at achieving the SDGs has been both humbling and empowering. As I reflect on my past experiences, I am grateful for the chance to be part of a team dedicated to fostering positive change. My period as a National Youth UN Volunteer was more than a role; it was a testament to the ripple effect of collaborative efforts. I am resolutely committed to continuing this journey of empowering change and fostering sustainable development, one step at a time. Looking ahead, I am excited about the prospect of a career in the humanitarian and development sector, fueled by the knowledge and skills acquired during my time as a UN Volunteer. The intersection of passion, experience, and a commitment to positive change propels me toward a future where I can contribute meaningfully to global initiatives.



The Joint SDG Fund's joint programmes are under the prestige leadership of the Resident Coordinator Office and implementing United Nations Agencies. With sincere appreciation for the contributions from the European Union and Governments of Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and our private sector funding partners, for a transformative movement towards achieving the SDGs by 2030.