Credits MEPHO
Published on February 11, 2021

Soluciones del Trece - Women Entrepreneurs and Producers of Organic Vegetables

Soluciones del Trece, presented the story of Club 4S of Women Entrepreneurs and Producers of Organic Vegetables (MEPHO), a local association of rural women who live in “Isla de Chira”, a small island in the Gulf of Nicoya, in the Costa Rican Pacific coast.

MEPHO’s economic activities has been mostly related to organic farming. As water is scarce on the island, rain fed agriculture and sustainable techniques are used to produce vegetables. On a small island with few inhabitants severely affected by the reduction of touristic visitation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, business are not producing enough income to reduce economic vulnerability.

The Joint Programme is supporting MEPHO in diversifying their economic activities to include organic poultry farming - an activity that will bring a new income source and increases food security to families. The Joint Programme actions include Seed Capital funding, as well as technical and legal support (to formalize the association and strengthening conditions for their sustainability).