SDG Bonds: Leveraging Capital Markets for the 2030 Agenda

09:00 - 11:00 EST

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COVID-19 has widened the SDG financing gap even further. To get back on track, sustainable financing for development is needed. One way to help get the SDGs back on track is greater issuance of SDG Bonds—including sovereign, municipal, corporate and project bonds—to raise funds from the private sector that are required to bridge the rising financing gap for the SDGs. Fortunately, the global appetite for SDG bonds is growing, which was demonstrated by successful issuances from several countries including Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Mexico.

The UN Joint SDG Fund presents the online event SDG Bonds: Leveraging Capital Markets for the 2030 Agenda on 23 February at 9:00 AM (EST).  The webinar will discuss the latest developments and insights from the experience of the UN in creating SDG bond markets and instruments, and highlight the achievements, results and lessons learned from countries that are supported by the Fund under the SDG Financing portfolio.

Opening remarks:

  • Lisa Kurbiel, Head of the UN Joint SDG Fund Secretariat
  • Norimasa Shimomura, Resident Representative of UNDP Indonesia
  • Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative


  • Muhammad Didi Hardiana, Team Leader of the Innovative Finance Lab UNDP Indonesia 
  • Komolkhon Islamov, Programme Manager for the UN Joint SDG Fund SDG Financing Programme in Uzbekistan
  • Christopher Lilyblad, Strategy and Policy Specialist at UNDP Cape Verde
  • Robyn Oates, Finance Specialist at UN Women Sustainable Finance
  • Moderated by Massimiliano Riva, Investment Advisor of the UN Joint SDG Fund