Youth Corner
Published on May 13, 2024

Catalysts for Change: A Recap of #YouthSpeak

In a world where global challenges demand immediate attention, and the pursuit of a sustainable future is not merely an option but an obligation, youth voices emerge as powerful catalysts for change.

Throughout March and April, the UN Joint SDG Fund launched a six-week campaign titled “Youth Speak” wrapping up the 2024 ECOSOC Youth ForumWith thanks to Doha Debates, we're thrilled to showcase the impactful contributions of young leaders from around the globe.

Highlighting the urgent need for collective action, these changemakers underscore the crucial role of youth in driving meaningful change worldwide.

Quality Education as a Driving Force of Sustainable Development

Securing equitable access to quality education and lifelong learning for all is central to achieving progress across the Global Goals. Youth voices like Fawziyya Zakariyya from Nigeria, Sangay Loday from Bhutan and Afruza Tanzi from Bangladesh advocate for solutions to bridge the challenges in education systems worldwide.

Energy Access and Affordability as Driving Forces of Sustainable Development

Access and affordability remain core challenges, with renewable energy being imperative for climate mitigation. Youth champion Mohamadú Saido Baldé from Guinea-Bassau and Mikkel Kristmoen from Norway emphasize the need to invest in wind and solar energy to transition away from fossil fuels, promoting economic growth while protecting the environment.

Transformative Food Systems as a Driving Force of Sustainable Development

Prevailing food systems are not ensuring food security, with over one-third of greenhouse gas emissions attributed to them. Maryam Kiyani from Pakistan and Sahil Sood from the USA call for sustainable agricultural practices and stricter government regulations to address this challenge.

Digital Connectivity as a Driving Force for Sustainable Development 

Persistent digital divides hinder SDG progress, requiring investments in inclusive digital infrastructure. Chukwuemeka Orukwowu from Nigeria and Mikkel Kristmoen from Norway highlight the transformative power of digital connectivity in empowering youth, especially in underserved areas and communities.

Climate Action as a Driving Force of Sustainable Development

Tackling climate change requires a profound transformation of socio-economic systems. Maryam Kiyani from Pakistan and Alperen Koçsoy from Turkiye advocate for a just and green transition and changing consumption and production habits for sustainable development.

Ensuring Jobs and Social Protection as Driving Forces of Sustainable Development

Social protection and decent job creation are crucial for resilience and prosperity. Kazi Fahim Ahmed from Bangladesh and Chukwuemeka Orukwowu from Nigeria emphasize the importance of educating youth on climate change and creating proactive groups to drive community-based actions.

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