Small Island Developing States Leave No One Behind Integrated Policy

Accelerating SDG Achievement through digitized, innovative and accessible statistical system in Comoros

This joint proposal will support the Government of Comoros in fully harnessing the power of data revolution to efficiently monitor key indicators of development and enable informed and timely decision-making to reduce the country’s vulnerabilities, accelerate the achievement of the SDGs aligned with the Comoros Emerging Plan by 2030, and support a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous country. The expected results of the joint programme are threefold: (i) an updated and improved institutional framework and operational capacity of the national statistical system to allow the capture of up to 70% of key SDGs targets prioritized at the national level; (ii) improved regular and reliable production and accessibility of a set of relevant multi-sectoral indicators and functionalities in a digital repository with an open data portal for monitoring the Comoros Emerging Plan and the SDGs by 2023; (iii) use of quality, disaggregated and up-to-date statistical and geospatial data for informed decision making by all actors (Public, Private, CIvil Society and Citizens) in Comoros. The long-term expected result of the proposed Joint Programme (JP) is to contribute to developing a “culture of data” among key decision-makers and actors in the Comoros.


The Joint Programme will assist with establishing systematic processes and structures for data management, including data exchange protocols; developing and applying metrics for performance monitoring and quality improvement of the national statistical system and the national digital data repository; and institutionalizing and promoting use of the national digital data repository across government and other stakeholders.

Direct Influence

Women, Children, Girls, Youth, Persons with disabilities, Rural workers, Persons affected by (HIV/AIDS, leprosy), Victims of (slavery, torture, trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse).

Indirect Influence

Older persons, Human rights defenders (incl. NGOs, journalists, union leaders, whistleblowers), Migrants.

Quick facts

US $ 400,000

Total budget:
US $ 1,350,400

Total Funding:
US $ 950,400

UN Agencies:


National Partners:

National Institute of Statistics and Economic and Demographic Studies; General Planning Commission; Ministry of Health, Solidarity, Social Protection and Gender Promotion; General Directorate of Customs; The National Agency for Digital Development (ANADEN).

1/1/22 - 12/30/23 (24 Months)