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Resilient Belize

The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant social, economic, and political impacts and exacerbated poverty and inequality in an economy that was already experiencing decline prior to the onset of the global crisis. Most affected have been children, who experience the highest rates of poverty of any age group. This programme supports a stronger, coordinated, integrated, shock-responsive, and resilient social protection system in Belize that reaches the most vulnerable, women and children through the development and implementation of the National Social Protection Strategy. 


In order to achieve its outcomes, the programme will strengthen the capacity of national partners in their ability to design and implement social protection programs, specifically those which are integrated with other public policies. In an effort to address the core issues of service deprivation and inadequate social protection coverage, the programme will also improve the capacities of the Government of Belize’s partner ministries to expand and deepen social protection coverage. In order to help those households whose incomes and livelihoods were hurt by Covid-19, the programme will also strengthen the entrepreneurial environment for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises with the ultimate goal of generating greater economic activity on a local scale.  

Quick facts

US $ 272,000

Total budget:
US $990,400

Total Funding:
US $ 718,400

UN Agencies:


National Partners:

Office of Prime Minister; Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Investment; Ministry of Human Development, Families & Indigenous People’s Affairs; Ministry of Youth, Sports & E-Governance; Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour and Local Government; Belize Trade and Investment Development Service; Development Finance Corporation; Social Security Board; National Emergency Management Organization; Statistical Institute of Belize; Municipal and Village Councils

January, 2022 to December, 2023 (24 months)