SDG Finance - Enabling Environment

Support Implementation of SDG Financing Strategy Through an Integrated National Financing Framework

Total funding allocated
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 1000000
Co-funding by UN agencies
SDG Finance - Enabling Environment
US $ 100000

Brief description

The Joint Programme (JP) aims to support the Government of Botswana (GoB) to design and implement an SDG financing strategy through Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF) with the primary objective of undertaking much needed reforms on tapping into domestic and international public and private SDG financing. The focus will be to diversify the economy and GoB's revenue generating capacity to support the realisation of the SDGs at national and local levels. In addition, it seeks to support the Government’s desire to achieve efficiency in spending in all sectors, avoid waste in the public sector, address corruption and illicit financial flows.


Given that the JP will focus on the design and implementation of an INFF, which will lead to developing an SDG financing strategy, and supporting the implementation of a zero-based budgeting, the collective involvement of all development actors will be required. In this regard, some of the strategic areas that will be examined and analyzed are alignment of various taxes, reviewing the alignment of planning and budgeting processes to the SDGs, establishing of an inclusive SDGs financing dialogue amongst stakeholders aimed at promoting stronger participation in the implementation, undertaking a gender analysis on gender responsive budgeting, reviewing coherence of policies and trade-offs.

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Total budget:
US $ 1,100,000

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National Partners:

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Jul 2020 - Jun 2022

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